Monday, 13 July 2015

#RW15 part II

Hi my dears!

As promised, the second (and last) part of the reviews of bands I've seen at Rock Werchter.
I received a lot of great reactions about the first part and that's actually really nice to hear.

I've been a week off, grown a year older (19 yeah!!!) and made some friends of whom I'm sure that our friendship will last a lifetime.
Last week was pretty amazing and I'm still living a bit in a black hole for the moment. I'll tell you all about it later this week, so stay tuned!

So, Rock Werchter.

Patti Smith

This woman is a legend. She and her band came to perform their album Horses. My friends weren't enthusiast to come with me, so I stood there alone watching her when around me the average age had risen.
I honestly don't get why there weren't a lot of people of my age. This woman was so inspiring! Even at the age of 68 she caught all our attention and gave an awesome performance.
After the concert, I felt relieved. We are free, so said she.

Angus and Julia Stone

When I saw them before, their show was incredible but rather calm. I didn't really have the time to check out their new music and I was quite surprised. They kept their sweetness and showed again how great they both are as musicians, but also their songs have evolved a lot.
This was a great concert, I was perplexed again by how good they are at what they do.

Oscar and The Wolf

This Belgian group is just great. I saw them last year too, when most of my friends missed them because they were lazy at the camping. I haven't regret it for a second.
They weren't that famous back then so it was really cosy there.

During the year they have made a huge flight so this year the tent was really crowded. My friends left because it was too hot in there but I made my way through and enjoyed the show. It felt so great to be jumping all together and dancing like never before.


Just as Oscar and The Wolf, I discovered them a couple of years ago at Rock Werchter. I didn't know the songs at that time, but their show rocked.

As told before, there was the dilemma of choosing between first row Balthazar or first row Alt-J.
I found the equilibrium, thanks to all my friends who kept place in the middle of the tent when Alt-J was almost starting.
I had an incredible time there, words cannot describe it. My university friend came with me that day and we have the same (great, duh) taste for music. We were even able to sing along every single song they played and thanks to her the concert was even greater.

Kid Ink

Last but not least: Kid Ink.
We've danced like nobody was watching, it just felt so right. So lucky to have these crazy friends around me, they do these impulsive things with me some times and make me feel alive.
It was a cool show and I think everybody there was just happy during the concert.

This was my review of Rock Werchter 2015.
Which of these bands would you like to see some time?
Have you ever been to Rock Werchter?

Lots of love

The Losing Struggle

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