Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Desert vibe

Bonjour tout le monde!

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I just came home from a 3-day trip to Liège to my former exchange student Béné. Even though I hadn't spoken French for a year or something, after these days I still convert all my thoughts to French, help!

More about the trip later, but I can already tell you that we did some shopping - in chill mode, but still - and that I made a great deal in the sales: new Reeboks in town!

A long time ago I wrote (here) about how I was thinking about buying new sneakers. Sadly I wasn't able to purchase a pair of dark yellow Adidas Supercolors and the other pair was not that cool when I saw it in real life.

My dark green Reeboks, which I bought during winter sales, are a bit worn out because I've used them practically every day ever since.
I was thus searching another pair in Liège and - thanks to the honest opinion of Béné - have found the perfect one. The colors are lighter than my other pair and it's perfect for summer.

source: afew-store.com
source: afew-store.com

Then why the picture of the desert at the top?
Desert Vibe is the name they gave this shoe, little trigger over there.
If you're interested, you can buy them here on Asos. I bought them in this store Take-Off, there they were even cheaper.

I really love wearing sneakers, but it's best to buy them during the sales. I've got the same quality for half the price and in my opinion, sneakers cannot go out of style just because everyone likes different kinds of them.

There's also a fun fact that Béné noticed about me: if everyone likes something, I hate it and if no one likes something, I'm totally into it.
I thought about it and it's completely true. Right now there aren't much people I know who wear Reeboks, so I love them even more.

What about you, do you like wearing sneakers? And do you also love things more if not everyone else is into it?

Bisous bisous

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