Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Out of my bunker

Hi dears!

July 1st, summer has officially begun! Temperatures are quickly rising, a little tanning does no harm.
Sadly enough I had a surgery for my teeth yesterday, so I have to stay inside sleeping (and watching series, duh).

I've been off a while, because I decided to put my exams on top of my priority list. I went through a mentally quite hard time, but I made it luckily! I received my grades Monday and I can proudly say that I finished my first year at university in magna cum laude.

The end of my exams was celebrated in a great way. First I visited Antwerp again, led by my hometown friend there. We ended up at Ellis Gourmet Burger and damn, I ate the best burger ever. You really should try the Louis Cheese.

Later that evening, I took another friend of mine home and showed her around in my tiny village and city. It's a weird thing at university, because even if you have been hanging out together for a year, you don't know how your friends live. This will be solved during vacation, yay!

After some boyfriend quality time and a dance audition, it was time to leave for my favorite happening of the year: the Rock Werchter festival!
It was in my opinion the best edition I visited so far, thanks to the great music and the even greater company.
I'm planning on writing some reviews on the performances later this week, but - as usual - Balthazar really rocked the stage.

So right now it's really time to come out of my bunker. I've worked really really hard this year, right now three months of vacation are waiting for me. I'll be entertaining kids for four weeks and in september Croatia is my destination, together with eighteen friends but more on that later.

I also realized during the concerts how much music means to me. I used to play and write a lot of music a couple of years ago, but for some reason I forgot about that for a while. My ukulele and guitar really need some company so my focus will completely lay on music this summer. Together with a very talented friend I'll be playing some music in the streets of Antwerp and I'm very excited!

What does music mean to you? Is it something you listen to relax?


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