Monday, 1 June 2015

Studying: festival playlist


Quite late and I'm tired, but throwing my thoughts on the World Wide Web is a great way to end the day. I just ran 7,3K (my longest run ever) and even though my head says that I can conquer the world, my body tells me: go to bed.

Another day has ended, with not much more than books in front of my nose. I'm getting used to it, but at the same time, my mind is already in summer modus.
This year, my favorite festival, Rock Werchter, is dated a week earlier than normally because of the tour agenda of some big bands. Advantage: Muse! Hell Yeah. Disadvantage: it is now immediately after our exams and for some of my friends even during their exams. Luckily mine end early, so I can be there from the start.

We have to plan a lot of things, because we're with a big group there and not all of us are at the camping all four days. When planning this, I cannot stop being excited about it. Being around your best friends listening to your favorite bands, what else can even be better?

To get in the mood, I decided to make a playlist for each festival day. Every week of my studying period, I'll make a new one, so in the end I have listened to all the artists. Great way to discover all the different musicians, right?

If you're going to the festival or you're interested in what artists will play there, please listen (and subscribe if you like) to this playlist.

Good night and sweet dreams


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