Friday, 27 March 2015

Balthazar part II

Hello my dears!

It's almost 3:00 AM or something and I should probably go to sleep, but not before telling you about my awesome night!
As told, I have very busy weeks with a lot of fun things but also hard work to do.

Today was the release of the new album of the Belgian band Balthazar and the best part: just 50 meters away from my bed. That's really the coolest part of university, living in a big city. We went there more than an hour before the band started and still there was already a big (chaotic) row waiting in front of the cafe. We took a shot and waited but we didn't really think that we could get in, there was not that much space.
And indeed, we didn't fit but we stood outside for a while and could grab some drinks. We also were able to buy the album (for a fair price!) and to get some free posters.

We moved a couple of times to another window to have a better sight until suddenly some door opened. Me and my friends went faster than speed light and entered. WE WERE IN!

It was all fantastic. Small room, lovely people, an album release, drinks,... It felt perfect!
I really think their new album is very good. The songs are just awesome and the rhythm feels so natural. I was kind of impressed by the way they perform. So dedicated to their music.

At the end they played Then What (see previous blog post) which was a great but Blood Like Wine was even better. At the end everyone kept singing and it gave me goosebumps. Music is the key to peace, I'm sure about that. 
(You can find Blood Like Wine is on the previous album Applause.)

30 march will be the official day of release and I truly recommend you buying it. My album is playing now and I'm really enjoying the moment. For more information: http://www.balthazarband.be

We stayed for a while after the show and were able to let our albums sign by the band members. They were very cool and down to earth and some of them came to talk to us afterwards when most of the fans had gone.

This made me realize that it is a great characteristic to always stay true to who you are, no matter if you're getting famous.

Love these autographs!
Meeting the singer after the show

The best thing about these kind of concerts (except for the fact that they're free) is that it feels very personal. You can really get to know the band and how they like to play their songs.
In June I will watch Balthazar again at a big festival, but I'm sure it will never be the same as it was tonight. It was just perfect.



  1. Wow! Sounds like you had an amazing time! Have a great weekend :)
    Rosanna x
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  3. Cool video, thanks for checking out my blog

  4. Ohhh sounds like a fantastic evening! Glad you had fun :) xo // Naomi in Wonderland

  5. Looks like a great musical event

    I love to go some place like this


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  6. It was an exceptional experience.
    Thank you for visiting!

  7. Wow this seems like such a great event. So happy you had amazing time. Kiss,



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