Saturday, 3 September 2016

Sea of noise

Hi dears!

I've got great news. Do you remember St. Paul & The Broken Bones? I shared a great song of them before and mentioned them in last year's Rock Werchter review. If you're interested in the band, check out these previous posts to get to know them better. They have been off my radar for a while, but now they are back again!

In less than a week, their second album Sea of noise will be released. Some singles are already available on Spotify and if you take a look at their website, there's even a way to stream their new album right away. I'm fond of their new tracks. Is it me is a rather calm song, but both releases still contain the special sound that I admire them for.

Their future concert dates are also on their website. Plus: they're coming to my student city to perform. Minus: it's during my exam period. Hopefully I'll be able to see my exam schedule soon. There's still a small change that I'll be free that evening.

Did you already know them? And do you like their sound?


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