Friday, 2 September 2016

No hurry (Sweden part II)


I'm still reliving my outdoor challenge and first on my to-do list is to tell you all about it. Sweden has so much to offer and I'm really excited to share it all. If you missed my previous post, check it out right here.

The organization I told you about, offers three kinds of journeys. First, there's a 7-day canoe trip in Sweden, which my friend Jasper did last year. Then, there's also a 7-day walking tour in Norway, where you cross great nature (even snow!) and incredible views. Since a couple of years, they also offer a new formula: the survival slash outdoor challenge. This is a very varied trip which includes a 2-day canoe trip, a 2-day walking tour, a day filled with mountain biking and last but not least, a lake crossing. This opportunity to get to know the Swedish nature in all these different ways, sounded very interesting and challenging to me.

The first two days on Swedish soil were to be spent on the water. We packed all our stuff in water resistant bags and put them in our canoes, accompanied by our food and cooking gear for the next days. At first, everything went real slow, 'cause some people really just aren't born with a talent for canoeing. Tip: the strongest and/or heaviest person should sit in the back and is mainly responsible for the steering. Another tip to my lovely group members: you should paddle to cover any distance. (really.) We laughed a lot and the sun shined bright so having to wait from time to time, wasn't an issue at all.

Eventually, we found a nice place to spend the night so we set up our little camp there. We started a fire to cook our meal and took a refreshing bath in the lake. No hurry at all. Living in the rhythm of nature feels so incredibly great. No rushing in the mornings, no strict time schedules,... it enlightened me.

Around the campfire, the youngsters got to know each other better while we prepared our bread for the next day. We realized how lucky we were, this was a bunch of motivated youngsters, ready to create a real team. Afterwards everyone returned to their tents to put these first wonderful memories in their minds and reload for the next day.

Even though it seemed hard for me at first since I didn't know anyone, I already felt that this would be a great adventure.

It literally took me the whole day to untangle these. I was so.damn.happy!

There are more incredibly things to discover, like the purity of the water and the way the Swedish maintain there camping places. I wouldn't want you to miss any of this, so if you're interested, come back here soon.
If you have any specific questions, shoot! I'd love to answer them.

Lots of love

(All these pictures belong to The Losing Struggle.)

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