Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Going straight (Sweden part III)

Hi dears!

It's already the 7th of September, how fast is the clocking ticking? Exactly two weeks ago I arrived home after an incredible trip in Sweden, which I told you already about here and here. There's much more to the story, so let's get started.

After the 2-day canoe trip, we prepared to leave for two days of walking. Different this time was that everyone was obliged to leave their own food (like cookies, mm) in the base camp. We all had to rely on a field ration from the French army for the next 24 hours. This is what soldiers use to survive when they are on a longer trip. It contains energy bars, biscuits, a warm meal, a dessert, instant coffee ,... To warm the dishes or prepare the coffee, some hexamine fuel tablets are added. This chemical heat comes in really handy, having hot drinks and soup is a relief when it gets colder. All the youngsters started to trade the content of their own field ration with others and so did we. Gimme chocolate!!!

The group received a map and a compass and we left. Day 1 we mainly took it the easy way and no adventurous paths were taken. After a couple of hours, we arrived at an incredibly beautiful place to stay: Skifors. Easy evening for us, guides. There was no need to prepare a meal for the whole group, everyone had their own dishes from the ration. Later that night around the campfire, we could really feel that they already knew each other a lot better. Lots of laughing, lots of storytelling and a lot of excitement for the next few days.

I launched a little sneak peek last post, about the water over there. Believe it or not: the water in the lakes is pure enough to drink. If you put your bottle an arm length below the surface, it's even better because there are less dust particles in it. Maintaining this magical fact, is everyone's job. Only use biodegradable soap for your dishes and your body and never spit out your tooth paste in the lake!

On the way back, we were up fore some more adventure. We decided to go straight to our goal, really straight. We had to climb a hill that lay on our route and it was very challenging. I'm not even sure if anyone had walked through this piece of nature before we did. It was a breathtaking trip - it literally was -, but everyone was very glad afterwards that we managed to do it. Mission completed!

What would you like more: the canoeing trip or the walking trip? And would you also like conquering the hills to take a straight path?
I still have some nice stuff to show you since we also did a lake crossing and a mountainbike tour in the beautiful Swedish nature. If you'd like to here more, come back soon!


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