Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Not a noob (Sweden part I)


A couple of weeks ago one of my biggest dreams became reality. As promised, a recap of my wonderful survival journey to Sweden.

I've always loved traveling. When I look back now, I've been offered so many great chances to see some parts of the world. I went on camps abroad with youngsters that I didn't know yet, participated in a couple of student exchanges, performed on an international dance festival, left with my great friends group and also my family took me a couple of times past the border. And then came Sweden.

A friend of mine who lived for two years in the same building in my student city, was the key to all this luck. When we were walking in the hills during a weekend in February, he came up with this topic. He told about how he went to Sweden a year ago. He guided a group of youngsters and their leaders during a 7-day canoe trip. Each night they would find another spot to spend the night and afterwards they would cook over a campfire. I was impressed and when he told me that they searched new guides, I became really excited.

Two months later I called the responsible to get some information. Little did I know that after this short call everything would already be arranged. As easy as that. That's in my opinion one of the biggest charms of the organization Drakkar. There are no unnecessary formalities, everything is handled really spontaneous. There ain't no recruiting advertisement of any kind. The experienced guides just bring up friends who (in their opinion) are capable of fulfilling the job in a motivated way. I'm really thankful for my friend Jasper to have seen some potential in me, yay.

So there was it, the big step. A day before leaving, I suddenly realized how yolo this all was. I didn't know any person there, never set foot in Scandinavia myself and my job would be to learn these youngsters all about survival. The 'not knowing people' was no issue, I've done that lots of times. The Into the wild skills were trickier, but hey, I wasn't a noob?

Next posts will tell you all the great details of my journey.
Here is already a little sneak peek. Amazing to wake up with this view, right?

Lots of love

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If you decide to follow me (Bloglovin, Blogger, G+ , Email,... ) please let me know. I think it's really important to know more about you, my readers.