Friday, 26 August 2016

How to be a human being

Hi guys!

Describing how I feel in one word, won't completely explain the thoughts in my head but I'll try to be accurate. Relieved is the best pick, I guess, since I just came back from a great outdoor survival in Sweden. I cannot wait to tell you all about it and show some really awesome pictures. I'm still super excited about all the things I've seen and done and I'm extremely glad to be given the opportunity.

This morning, my excitement was even bigger when I opened up my Spotify. I was in the mood to listen to Glass Animals again and when clicking their name, suddenly their new album appeared.
Kind of embarrassed that I had forgotten about it, I discovered the songs on How to be a human being. Next to the previously released singles, there are a lot of great pieces of music on it. Check them out!

source: glassanimals.eu

What I discovered next, is that they are having a concert in Belgium in three months! A friend of mine (who became a big fan of the band after I mentioned them) is already enthousiast, so I guess I'll be seeing them live soon.

So much luck. Life can be really good.

Lots of love

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