Sunday, 24 April 2016


Hi dears

My love for music is infinite and this fact has been proven to me a couple of times last weeks. I miss sharing the artists I love with you and hearing your opinions. Time to step up my game.

It has been rather silent around the name Birdy for the last few years. She's in general known for her incredible voice and her beautiful yet sad songs. A friend from my building asked me a while ago if I wanted to attend a concert of her in Ancienne Belgique in Brussels. I like being surprised, so I agreed, no expectations set.

She really impressed me. Ok, her voice is great, I knew that, but the way she fills the whole room with it is just breathtaking. She's so so pure on stage. The most charming part of it all, was the fact that she dared to play so many songs from her new album. She could have played it safe and only perform her most popular songs, but she just didn't. Taking the time to show us what she's been working on the last couple of years was a great choice in my opinion. I just adore her new style, the songs are even more honest but not extremely sad at the same time. Thumbs up Birdy.

My favorite piece of music is her new one Unbroken. I didn't find a proper version of it on Youtube, so I'll just show you one of the other treasures of her album Beautiful Lies.


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