Monday, 25 January 2016

Tired of being alone

Hi dears!

I'm very happy to announce you that this own little platform of thoughts exists for already a year now! Ok right, a year and one day.
Probably none of you remember my first posts, but it was very fascinating for me to read them again. My thoughts are most of the time really chaotic and confusing, but reading how sure I was to fulfill my ideals a year ago, gives my life direction again. If you're interested in why I started blogging: check it out.

Sometimes I get lost. I forget about the things I really care about and let others opinions affect my mood. It annoys me that some people have this influence on me. Next week (when my exams will be finally over) is all about enjoying the little things in life and finding myself.

It's wrong to say that people don't change. I've been through so many difficult times in the past and I can say that I'm a different ever since my life completely collapsed. I used to care about such banal things. The amount of friends I had on social media, standing in front during our dance performance, getting better grades than others, pleasing every single person in the world,...

People learn. You cannot please everyone. Dancing is about expressing yourself, there's no need to have the spotlights all on you. Being competitive against others isn't worth the effort. You have to reach goals because you care about them yourself. Deleting all the people on Facebook with whom I wouldn't change a word if we saw each other on the street, was one step. Being alone and processing my past was the next one. But I'm tired of being alone, I'm so tired of on my own.


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