Sunday, 31 January 2016

The Love You're Given

- and your fear is your downfall


Sometimes things don't turn out as expected, but turning these situations in new opportunities is my new goal. I applied some time ago for a really cool dance project with different choreographers and I was really looking forward to it. I kept all rehearsal dates free from other activities and even warned my boss (I work at a bakery, delicious right?) that I maybe wouldn't be able to work each weekend.

Due to an overload of applications, I wasn't accepted which really sucks because it was a huge opportunity to meet all these other passionate dancers. Instead of being sad I decided not to stand still and I booked tickets for a really cool concert. At first I couldn't go because of the dance performance, but now nothing stood in my way anymore. With two other music lovers, who I'm lucky to call my friends, I'll be enjoying Jack Garratt's concert in May! Never heard of him? Check this out, he's extremely talented.

Always turn bad things into new chances.


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