Sunday, 18 October 2015


We're all hoping to find the one who turns us into the best person we can possibly be, aren't we?
Trying to escape from life's habits and boredom, side by side. Encouraging each other to purchase dreams. Appreciating even the smallest things in life.

But where do we find this person? And how can we be so sure that this human being will even exist? There is no such answer and this mostly results in doubts.

I love the song Berlin that RY X wrote about this issue. It's a simple song. It ain't very long and has a small selection of lyrics, but damn, once you see the meaning behind every sentence it's even more wonderful. Besides, Ry himself seems quite nice (and hot, duh).

You should also check out Sam Smith's version of it. In my opinion, he did a great job covering it.

Have a nice week!


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