Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Watch my back

Hi dears!

Even though a tan is missing (damn sun, I begged you), I'm back home after my trip to Croatia. With some memories and sadly also some pounds richer, it's time to enjoy this last chill out days before school starts again.

The trip was full of amazing places, friendship, wines, short nights, unexpected meetings, pizza, long bus rides, incredible nature phenomenons, friendly strangers,... just full of everything.
I'll tell you more about my fav spots later, I promise.

While strolling through the tax free zone in Pula on our way back home, we decided to do a little shopping. With the least intention to buy anything precious I walked into the store and guess what: I walked back out with a small box extra and 100 euros less.
It surely wasn't my fault guys. Blame that small watch over there, which stole my heart.

source: www.alfapoint.ru
source: global.rakuten.com

I'm head over heels in love with this watch. The soft rose color plus the subtle band is like the best combination everrrrrr.

I had been searching for a small but pretty watch for a very long time. The fact that this baby appeared right in front of my eyes was unignorable. My first airport buy ever: check.

Never had I heard before of the brand Skagen (probably because I don't know a thing about watches, whoops) so I checked their website right after arriving home. Turns out they have a great collection, I'm fond of their minimalistic, Danish style. One great advantage: buying things at the airport really is cheaper.

Do you wear a watch daily? If so, do you adore small ones or do you prefer bigger models?


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