Thursday, 10 September 2015


Meet Selah Sue. Lovely looking, incredible voice plus strong stories.

Her first album Selah Sue, has been played a thousand times on my iPod. Lately I was very curious about her releases because it took her a couple of years to prepare new great beats.

Some months ago, I saw her appearing in a Belgian talk show and was dazzled by her openness. She talked about her new album Reason and where she took her inspiration from.
Telling about a depression ain't easy, but she managed to do it in front of all those people watching right from their couches. At that point, she became a true source of inspiration for me.

At the festival I attended in June (read here and here) she performed her new songs and that concert was long before planned in my imaginary agenda.* When my friend and I arrived the tent was almost entirely filled. We surely didn't want to miss it and even though everyone was already soaking in sweat, made our way through the crowd. Standing between random people, we sang like our voices should never be used again after the concert and danced for our lives. It was a really great show.

*paper agenda's are not my thing. The first two weeks I try to fill in every possible event that comes up in my head and afterwards I lose the stupid book so all this work was for nothing.
Number of tries: 4

What's your opinion about her new album?
Do you like the sound of her voice?

Lots of kisses

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