Saturday, 19 September 2015


warning: sad content
if you're not in the mood: press (*)

My mind is a blur. I'm feeling quite low and don't know what bothers me the most.

Am I fine? I truly cannot answer that. I'm sure that I will be, but I have no idea when. There's just so much going on in my life right now. Except for the sad break-up, there's also my mom who's going to the hospital again tomorrow. She will have surgery again and hopefully her cancer will be gone forever. Tuesday, school is waiting for me again, can't wait (u-hum).

Good thing: she'll be treated in a good hospital in the city where I study, so I'll be able to visit her a lot during next weeks.
Bad thing: she doesn't know how to handle the situation, which I fully understand. Trying to be strong and keeping everyone at a distance is her current mood. I really want to help, but it's just so hard here at home to keep her calm.

There are also a lot of fun things happening right now, that's for sure. This afternoon I watched my previous dance crew perform and was so extremely proud. Girls and boy, I miss you so so badly. But wait haha, I'm meeting them actually in half an hour so no worries.

Since no students of our university have classes on the first Monday except for the newbies (take that!), we've introduced this Sunday evening as huge party time. Finally meeting my friends again!!! OK, just kidding. We've been practically living together last weeks, but still. I wouldn't know what to do without them, really (yes bla bla, clich├ęs).

I think I just need a sweet lullaby tonight. Then it'll all be alright. (got it?)


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