Thursday, 27 August 2015


Dear readers

I have to admit something. Prepare for the worst, people usually feel very disappointed after I tell them this. It's stronger than myself and I feel like you should know this about me. After all you read a lot about my life and this detail is too important to ignore. Try not to be extremely mad at me, you don't know how hard I've been trying to change. I'm working on this bad part of me and seeking help from friends, but now the time has come to reveal it all and to find some great advice from your side. Dear readers - damn it's hard to tell - , I suck at movies.

Yes, you read it very well. I've never seen any James Bond film and I don't know a thing about Superman. Mission Impossible is possibly great, but just like The Godfather and Pulp Fiction it's content remains a complete mystery. I barely know what this special ring means to Gandalf and Frodo and even the praised Into The Wild hasn't received my attention so far.

You should know that I'm deeply ashamed, but I just cannot declare my disinterest in films. That's why I decided to change this and to extend my movie knowledge.
A friend of mine helped me out and listed some of his favorites.

I'm going to finish this list and perhaps my opinion about movies will be different afterwards.

What about you, do you like watching movies?
Have you seen some of those on my list?

Are there any film recommendations?
I would love to hear them from you then.


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