Saturday, 23 May 2015


Hi dears,
long time no see!

Big times coming, exams are just a few weeks away now. Stress is showing a bit, hopefully I can keep myself as calm as I was previous semester. Tomorrow afternoon I have a family party to attend, this means some time to relax.

Cool light effect in the tent
Music is my remedy. It can bring so much joy and yet so much pain at the same time. The most indescribable feeling for me is standing in a big tent full of people who share my love for music. Being at festivals, listening to the artists who filled my lonely days, dried some tears and shared my happiness, is so extremely cool. I love seeing that these songs mean something for everyone around me.

I try to choose good ways to relax these weeks and yesterday the choice was clearly made. This weekend there's a (rather small, cheap) festival a couple of kilometers from my home, called Gladiolen. Two groups I like came to play there and I didn't hesitate to buy a ticket.

First was Willow, a great Belgian band. Not sure if you know them already, but they're worth Googling!
I love their music, it was fun listening.


After them came Dotan. I have been listening to his album for a really long time and I knew almost all the lyrics. It felt so great.
Quite cool to be standing so close to home in front of such a great singer.

While walking to the exit, I saw quite a lot of people in front of the t-shirt shop and I decided to go take a look. At first I didn't believe my eyes: Dotan was standing there, selling his own cds!

How great, I was already planning on buying the album, so why not receiving it out of his own hands with a personal message on it?? Luck was on my side.

My signed album by Dotan

I enjoyed last night, escaping the stress of life. Music is a savior.

For you all: have a great evening!


PS: If you're watching Eurovision, vote for Belgium! We rock.

The Losing Struggle

Thursday, 7 May 2015

In Heaven

Happy birthday dad. I still listen to the song you used to play on your guitar. Hopefully you would still know my name if I saw you in heaven.

I miss you

Monday, 4 May 2015

On the run

Life is chasing us. Whether we want it or not, it'll catch us. Escaping from ourselves is no option.
The only way to get back on track is fixing our hurt feelings, step by step by step by step by step by...

Friday, 1 May 2015

Quote # 1

Hi dears

No better way than describe my thoughts from past weeks with the following quote.

Everyone’s got some baggage; it’s part of life. But like anything else, it’s easier when someone gives you a hand with it.  - How I Met Your Mother

It may seem silly, that I become inspirational from watching my favorite (!!) TV-series. This quote tells just the truth, even if it's not all visible all the time.
Some events happen and are spread out in the news and they can awake some feelings you would rather forget. It can make you feel so miserable and make life seem so unfair. It's even hard to talk about with the ones you love.

Holding up a wall is not a great way to solve something like this. By keeping others out, it creates rather a boomerang effect and before you know it, you release all your anger at them.

Trying to let the person I love in, is harder than I thought. I realize that I really have to try 'cause it's the best for us both. He does want to help me every way he can, but accepting this help is the next step towards a more stable life.

Hopefully it gets you thinking.


The Losing Struggle
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