Monday, 30 March 2015

Little blue woo


Gosh what a day. I woke up with a fever and I have been in bed all day. It kind of sucks because I'm not home, so I had to care for myself. I slept a lot and watched some TV shows, but I get bored real quick.
I started working a bit for school (without any result, but still...) and started thinking about a new blog post: TA-DAA here it is.

Yesterday I kidnapped my boyfriend to help me choosing a new pair of sandals and luckily I stumbled upon the perfect pair! They are from Madden Girl, Steve Madden's little sister brand. I want to start wearing them right now but the Belgian weather won't let me. While waiting for the sun, I decided to look for a cool outfit with my sandals and that was my today's small project.

I extremely love blue and I think it's a nice color for me. I always seem attracted to baby blue clothes so no difference this time while scrolling through the Polyvore database.

Take a look.

Little blue woo

As told, these floral sandals are my new babies. I'm so happy!
I also really love this handbag.

What do you think?
Is this something you would wear?

The Losing Struggle

Friday, 27 March 2015

Balthazar part II

Hello my dears!

It's almost 3:00 AM or something and I should probably go to sleep, but not before telling you about my awesome night!
As told, I have very busy weeks with a lot of fun things but also hard work to do.

Today was the release of the new album of the Belgian band Balthazar and the best part: just 50 meters away from my bed. That's really the coolest part of university, living in a big city. We went there more than an hour before the band started and still there was already a big (chaotic) row waiting in front of the cafe. We took a shot and waited but we didn't really think that we could get in, there was not that much space.
And indeed, we didn't fit but we stood outside for a while and could grab some drinks. We also were able to buy the album (for a fair price!) and to get some free posters.

We moved a couple of times to another window to have a better sight until suddenly some door opened. Me and my friends went faster than speed light and entered. WE WERE IN!

It was all fantastic. Small room, lovely people, an album release, drinks,... It felt perfect!
I really think their new album is very good. The songs are just awesome and the rhythm feels so natural. I was kind of impressed by the way they perform. So dedicated to their music.

At the end they played Then What (see previous blog post) which was a great but Blood Like Wine was even better. At the end everyone kept singing and it gave me goosebumps. Music is the key to peace, I'm sure about that. 
(You can find Blood Like Wine is on the previous album Applause.)

30 march will be the official day of release and I truly recommend you buying it. My album is playing now and I'm really enjoying the moment. For more information: http://www.balthazarband.be

We stayed for a while after the show and were able to let our albums sign by the band members. They were very cool and down to earth and some of them came to talk to us afterwards when most of the fans had gone.

This made me realize that it is a great characteristic to always stay true to who you are, no matter if you're getting famous.

Love these autographs!
Meeting the singer after the show

The best thing about these kind of concerts (except for the fact that they're free) is that it feels very personal. You can really get to know the band and how they like to play their songs.
In June I will watch Balthazar again at a big festival, but I'm sure it will never be the same as it was tonight. It was just perfect.


Saturday, 21 March 2015

DIY: Swear jar


I love weekends. Even though I still need to work for school, there's a little less pressure on me and some time to do random stuff. Today I worked on this (very little) project, which has been on my mind lately: a swear jar!

I hate swearing, I really do. Especially at home, I think it's inappropriate. It breaks the peace that should be in your house. Ever since I was little, I've learned not to use such words, but over the years, our family composition has a bit changed. The new members at home use these f*ck-like words (sorry) from time to time and me no likey. My mom and I decided to do something about it, so this morning I grabbed and old jar and some paint: a swear jar was born.

I put a common saying in Dutch on it, hier vloekt men niet, which means something like 'no cursing in here'. Normally they put 'God sees me,' in front of it, but I decided not to 'cause I've lost my belief in God during some events in my life (and also because my jar wasn't that big).

Take a look at the result:

Each time someone swears in this house, they'll have to put one euro in the jar. As you can see, it isn't empty anymore: my stepfather and mister swear jar have met very soon. 
Hopefully we can do something nice with this money after a while, we'll see about that!

Do you swear a lot?
And what do you think about the idea of using a swear jar at home?


PS: Have you noticed the little (improvised) vase next to the jar? I was looking for a cool way to re-use some old perfume bottles and this is a quite nice solution, isn't it?

The Losing Struggle

Wednesday, 11 March 2015


Sunny weather, lots of people in the park, children (read: children of all ages) eating ice cream, new fashion collections in the shops, the need to wear sunglasses again, fully crowded gyms ('cause of course bikini season is getting closer), flowers everywhere,...
Indeed, spring is here!

Hi readers

Today was a day that I realized that spring is back. Even though the wind still can be very cold, I see that the Sun is trying her best to come through. I saw happy children (yes of course, wednesday afternoon = no school = always fun) and when I walked at a square nearby, I saw a lot of students enjoying the weather.

It mostly confuses me a bit. I'm really happy that the dark days are finally over, but on the other hand I feel a bit down. I actually have a lot of classes to attend and tons of books to study and I just cannot find the time to enjoy it all fully. I'm always trying to find the perfect combination between the two, but sometimes it is extremely hard.

Next weeks will be quite busy, which is exciting but also a bit stressful. Yes, I'm that kind of person that is stressed about a lot of things, without wanting to show others. I may seem 'chilled out' and I also force myself to be, but in fact I'm not at all. I see that as my biggest goal to accomplish: not being so hard on myself and relaxing a bit more.

I will attend two proms, a 'cantus' (read: singing and drinking at once with great friends), a funny theater about our teachers, a reunion night at my old school, a J├Ągermeister competition (yes, you read it well), an album presentation of this awesome band Balthazar which you can check out below, a football game of the national team and in between go to my classes. Oh, and all in two weeks!

I think it is good for me to be this busy, maybe it keeps the bad thoughts away? :)

Have a great evening
The Losing Struggle

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Wednesday mood


I wanted to share my current mood with you and there's no better way to do this than with pictures.
Right now I'm leaving home to catch some dance classes and have some quality time with my mom. Oh I love wednesdays!

I'm sorry for being off for a while, school is bugging me these days. 

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