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Traveling: Budapest


As promised: a brief travel post about Budapest. I mentioned before that this city was absolutely amazing and that I recommend visiting it to all of you.

There are many great aspects worth mentioning about the capital of Hungary. I’ll name three.


At the first day, me and my friends visited Buda. A great choice, in our opinion! We got up quite early and left, taking the tram to the other side of the Donau. Our apartment was in Pest, right within the inner centre of Budapest.
Big compliments for the tram and metro system by the way. Traveling is made very easy and a 72 hours pass is not that expensive.

First, we went to Clark Adam Square. There we took a small train to get up Castlehill. We went seeing the Fisherman’s Bastion and we discovered that the office of the president of Hungary was at the top of the hill. (We tried to catch a glimpse of him, but unfortunately…)

What I loved the most was the sight: you could see the whole city, heaped behind the Donau. We then paused to eat in a very cosy place, called Piknik Pavilon. After passing the great Buda Castle, we decided to take the stairs down. Hill number one: CHECK.

Piknik Pavilon

Gellért hill is a bit further. We decided to give it a try and we climbed all the way up. To be honest: we really underestimated the height of it. After a few picture stops (read: taking a breath), we reached the citadel and the big statue. Again, the sight was worth the whole climb.

The parliament, as seen from Gellért hill


Later that day, we took a Free Walking Tour. Some of you may know this concept, others may not so I’m going to explain this a bit. The whole idea of a Free Walking Tour is that interested people from all different countries can gather to be led by a guide through the city. ‘Free’ comes from the fact that there is no fixed price for the tour. At the end, you can decide for yourself how much you’d like to pay your guide. The result was a bunch of motivated people, ready to discover the city. We were led by a nice girl who was committed to her job and answered to all of our questions with enthusiasm.

During the tour we passed the Liberty Square. I think this is a very strange square, if you know it’s background. Our guide called it the ‘F**k you’ square (sorry for my language), and I agree with that. In the middle of it, there’s a statue to commemorate the Soviet Union. A bit further is the United States Embassy located. The relationship between Russia en de USA isn’t that great (of course you can call that an understatement) so  the fact that Americans saw a bit of Russia from their office was a bit strange. The fun part is that in 2011 the USA put a statue of Ronald Reagan on the square, walking towards the memorial of the SU. I just think that the whole situation there is a battle of power between Russia and the USA.

The day after, we also decided to visit the Parliament. From the outside, the building is extremely beautiful and enormous. From the inside, there’s gold everywhere. I think it’s a bit kitsch, but I have to admit that it is a nice place to visit. The tickets to enter are rather cheap, so you should give it a try!

The parliament, as seen from the Fisherman's Bastion


God I just love the restaurants in Budapest! Some friends had recommended a couple of places to go and we also discovered some ourselves.

Táskarádió Eszpresszó is a really cute place and the waitress was very friendly. There were a lot of typically Hungarian dishes, which I liked. It's nice to discover foreign plates and luckily the food was delicious.

Taskaradio Eszpresszo
Taskaradio Eszpresszo
The next one is just awesome. Kiosk serves the best dishes and the interior is just perfect. An old building is transformed into a fancy restaurant, which changes at night into a club. I ate beetroot risotto and I'm glad to say that the plate has entered my food top 3 of all time! We ended with lava cakes and chose a cocktail from their widespread menu. This was perfect to enjoy our last evening in Budapest.

The nightlife in Budapest is rather different than what we were used to. They have the coolest thing:  Ruin Bars. These bars are abandoned buildings transformed into trendy places, filled with secondhand stuff. Creative concepts, furniture that doesn't match, colorful walls, lots of drinks,... You'll definitely have a great night! You can find them in the old Jewish quarter which was left to decay after World War II. While walking through the district, it is actually very quiet on the streets. Nothing is what it seems...
My favorite bar was Szimpla Kert. This was the first place we visited and after entering, we were stumbled. It was soooo nice in there, all these people having fun and a great DJ who played only rock music. (Yes, I'm a huge rock fan!) The room we sat in was decorated with lots of old computer screens. Even though they seemed stuck, they all displayed weird paranoia images. There was a great laid-back atmosphere.

If you like clubbing, you'll love Instant. Inside, there are 7 bars and a lot of rooms with all different kinds of music. Commercial, Hip Hop, Drum and Bass, Funk,... Most of these rooms are on the first floor, but don't forget to check out the basement! I ended up there, dancing like a fool with all these
enthusiastic people. Also the decoration is quite funny, with weird animal combinations and rabbits hanging from the ceiling.

Wall decorations at Instant
Last but not least: Fogashaz. At this bar, the average age was a bit higher than at the others, but that was cool actually. We ended up dancing in the garden to 90's hits with elate young people on our last night. A good ending of an awesome trip.

I really hope these tips were a bit useful to those who're planning to visit Budapest. If you have any questions, feel free to ask!
Thanks for reading and have a great weekend.


  1. Always been intrigued by this place. Great post. :)
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  2. Lovely photos! I definitely want to visit sometime

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  4. I had the chance to visit Budapest last year and I loved it! A great city!



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