Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Back on track

Hello there!

I'm sooo relieved. Yesterday I finished my last exam and now it's time to relax for one and a half week. I've planned a lot of exciting stuff to do and I cannot wait to meet with all my friends again. No isolation anymore, great!

To give you an idea, this is a bit what my week will look like:


Finally I'll be able to meet up with my crew again. First a couple of rehearsals, but this Saturday we have a huge opportunity to show the world what we've got: we will be performing in front of more than 10.000 people!

The Antwerp Giants organise their 'Night Of The Giants' in the Sportpaleis and we will be filling the time outs with our hiphop dances! I'm super excited of course. This won't be our first time performing there, but the cheering of all the basketball fans definitely gives me chills.

source: Heat Entertainment

Tomorrow night I have a dinner date with my dear love. Last month, I wasn't able to give him the attention he deserves, because of the exams, but that will be fixed these days. I'm looking forward to seeing him again and telling each other our stories. Yay!


Tuesday is the big day: me and my friends will be up in the air, flying to the capital of Hungary.
I'm so thankful for the tips people gave me about what to visit there! Next days my biggest goal is to complete my scrapbook of Budapest, with in it all the awesome musea, parks, bars and restaurants.

Especially the thermal baths of SzĂ©chenyi are recommended by a lot of friends, I really want to try them!
They look fancy, right?
source: www.szechenyifurdo.hu
Have you ever been to Budapest? If so, do you have any useful tips?
I'd be very thankful if you shared them with me.

As you see, my week will be very dynamic but also extremely fun! I'm already enjoying every moment of rest and I'll keep you posted about my activities.

Btw: if my engineering career doesn't work out as hoped, I'm becoming a philosopher! Studying philosophy refreshes my thoughts and is actually something I love. Spoken of extreme contrasts...



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